FUJITSU – Ste10b Extension

The Ste10b extension

In 2017 studioNWA were invited to participate in an existing project consisting of the design of an extension to an existing data centre in Stevenage. The addition was to complete a Tier III certified facility, with spare cooling and electrical capacity. The addition needed to be feasible avoiding any disruption to the running data centre, was to connect seamlessly both from an architectural and infrastructure point of view and to strengthen Fujitsu’s portfolio with a “state of the art” IL5/SR5 premise.

The project was subject to a strenuous programme which required the design (including all statutory planning periods) and construction to achieve PC within a 6 month timeframe.

Location: Stevenage, UK
Client: Fujitsu
RIBA stage: 3 (2017)
Role: Lead Designer
IT cooling type: Existing
IT load: 1.6kW/m²
IT area: 1,182m²
Total area: 1,410m²

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