A roadmap from good intentions to measuring impact.

The built environment is currently a carbon intensive industry, responsible for 37% of carbon emissions globally. A call for action to industry professionals to align our collective body of work to a Net Zero by 2050 trajectory to limit the effects of climate change.

studioNWA acknowledges our central role as architects and designers to shape a Net Zero future and embrace the opportunity to upskill, collaborate with other disciplines and ultimately offer solutions to our clients that translate into resource-efficient, resilient buildings with a minimised environmental impact.

We invite you to follow our sustainability journey as we implement our roadmap in operational, embodied carbon, urban greening and other strategies to advance Net Zero during the decade of climate action and beyond.

We operate as an ISO 14001 environmental management certified practice.

We apply a fabric first approach to our designs.

We streamline BREEAM / LEED process.

We have an operational carbon management plan in place.

We interrogate the embodied carbon of the materials we specify.

We contribute to urban greening.

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