DLR – Profile Park

Master plan of 10 acre site in Dublin

In 2011 studioNWA was commissioned by DLR to master plan a 10 acre site in Dublin to deliver a campus comprising of four buildings with a total IT area of 8,000m².

The first phase, completed in 2014, included a 10MVA substation and delivered 2 data halls (1000m²/1920kW each), office space and plant areas. Cooled by IAC units laid on the side of the halls with generators mounted on the roof. DUB13 achieved BREEAM Excellent and is Tier III certified.

We then completed a second data hall building, Dub 14. It added 2x3MWA data halls, office and ancillary space to the existing offer. The cooling was again by IAC units, and generators were mounted on the roof.

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Client: Digital Realty
RIBA stage: 7 (PH 1&2/2014, PH 3/2018)
Role: Lead Designer / Construction Architects

DUB 13

IT cooling type: Indirect air cooling
IT load: 1.92kW/m²
IT area: 2,000m²
Total area: 4,170m²

DUB 14

IT cooling type: Indirect air cooling
IT load: 2.64kW/m²
IT area: 2,268m²
Total area: 4,750m²

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