Facebook – Odense

Development of a new data centre building in Denmark

Technical information

  • Project: Data centre and administration suite
  • Location: Odense, Denmark
  • Contractor: MACE International
  • Contractor’s architect: studioNWA
  • Contractor’s mechanical & electrical engineer: Cundall
  • Contractor’s civil/structural engineer: Cowi/Søren Jensen
  • Phase 1: It consists of the construction and fit out of a data hall block and office building, equivalent to a third of the overall scheme, for a total of 56,090m²
  • Phase 2: The works consists of the internal fit out of the second building.

Location: Odense, Denmark
Client: Mace for Facebook
RIBA stage: Role 7 – ODN 1; 2018, ODN 2 & 3; 2019
Role: Contractor’s Architects
IT power: 2.24kW/m²
IT cooling: Indirect air cooling
IT area: 48,000m²
Total area: 97,000m²

The construction of the Clonee campus met with such success that studioNWA was appointed to continue our role as the contractor’s architect for the next European Campus site based in Odense Denmark. There are many similarities to the project in Clonee however the building needed to be tailored to suit local code requirements and enhance the design to allow for local district heating connection.

It consists of:

  • 3 data hall buildings on a 133 acre piece of land
  • 2 office blocks
  • 4 data halls per building, each of approximately 4,170m²
  • 2 meet-me rooms for data connectivity
  • Internal plant area of approximately 11,000m²
  • Site infrastructure to include a substation, 2 guard houses,
    access road, internal road, car parking and intensive
  • A local district heating system to recycle 100,000MWh
    of energy per year into residential heating

The design

The Odense data centre facility is the most advanced and energy efficient data centre in the world. The site hosts three data centre buildings, and an office block of circa 3,500m². Each building accommodates four data halls of approximately 4,100m² and 8MVA power supply. Site infrastructure includes access and internal roads, car parking, entrance security lodge and extensive landscaping. The project, which is designed to use direct air cooling also includes a heat pump facility, which allows for the recycling of 100,000MWh of energy per year to be recovered from the servers and distributed into the local district heating system.

The Odense data centre is Facebook’s most sustainable data centre yet. At studioNWA we are proud to be part of this project.

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